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As a member of the MRL Fund, you have access to a library of web seminars that are provided free of charge. The webinars are provided by the MRL Fund’s excess insurance carrier, Midwest Employers Casualty Company. These seminars are an excellent educational source and can be integrated into your current safety program. The seminars are provided by a team of loss control specialists and subject experts, which you can listen to as they cover the material that is displayed on your monitor. You also have an opportunity to ask questions and interact with the presenter.

To see a schedule of upcoming live web seminars, go to, select the "Insured" tab and click on "Web Seminars".   To view the list of on demand web seminars, select the "Archives" tab or "Search" tab to find a seminar on a particular topic.

The webinars are provided both “live” and through a library of On Demand webinars. To gain access to the webinars, e-mail your company name and that you’re a member of the MRL Fund to MEC or call 877-975-2667 to register.