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Exceptional Performance Yields High Returns

Congratulations Fund members! The Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Fund has achieved another record year. The latest return of $7,400,000 is the largest distribution to date and is applied as a credit to Fund members on their January 1, 2023 renewal. Since the Fund’s inception in 1992, members have received over $107,690,000 which represents a 48% average return.

Success like this is made possible by Fund’s members having an excellent performance of continued low losses. Reducing the costs associated with workers’ compensation claims and lower overhead expenses, leaves more profit to go back to Fund members. Also, the fewer claims the member incurs the more money they receive back as the returns are weighted based on the individual member’s performance. The historical average return continues to highlight impressive results as 61% of members have no claims and are receiving an average profit return of 65% back.

The Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees, elected by the members, who are responsible for the overall operation of the Fund. The Trustees take the responsibility for the costs associated with workplace injuries very seriously. In addition, aggressive claims management, through lower caseloads per lost-time adjusters, allows for more time to proactively handle claims. This reduces overall costs while providing the injured workers with the best care available and restoring them to pre-injury health.

The MRL Fund offers its members numerous loss prevention resources and loss control programs that are specific to the hospitality industry which members have benefited from. This training has a strong focus on creating a safety culture in the workplace by educating owners and supervisors on proper claims handling, accident investigation, and return-to-work programs.

By educating employees on effective work practices, helps to make everyone accountable for safety on the job. This is achieved by the Fund’s loss control specialists who provide members with clear guidance as well as offering insight on other cost-saving solutions. In addition, an online safety center is available which includes a comprehensive, legally reviewed human resource library at no cost to members. This human resources online platform provides in-depth information on the most current federal and state employment laws, as well as a complete range of downloadable forms, posters, and hundreds of topics.

For most members, the substantial savings is the primary reason they insure with the MRL Fund. It has proven to dramatically reduce the overall costs of their workers’ compensation insurance year after year.

The MRL Fund is endorsed by the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association. This memberowned program is sold and serviced by a statewide network of independent insurance professionals that concentrate in the restaurant and hotel industries.

For more information, contact the Fund Administrator, RPS Regency at 800.686.6640 or visit